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Inner Self Discovery workshop with Past Life Regression


Can be arranged to suit yourself and your group of friends.


Normally start at 1. pm. Finish 5.30pm but I can be flexible.


Can be your choice or by arrangement


Negotiable, depending on numbers.


Dave Goodfellow
Telephone: 01423 322325.


This is an afternoon workshop designed to enable you to discover more about your inner self, your unconscious mind, some of the secrets it holds.

Hidden in the depths of your unconscious mind are the details of your past life-or lives. Who were you? Who did you know then, that you know now? What was the purpose of that life and of course this present life? What else would you like to know about the previous "You"?

Past lives are accessed by Hypnosis. The afternoon will start with an explanation on Clinical Hypnotherapy, followed by the opportunity to experience the truly therapeutic and relaxing benefits of a Guided Visualization. Go deep into your inner self..

After a short break there will be a talk on Past Lives. What is the evidence? What cultures believe it and who denies it? What are the obvious clues of your previous life? Is there something from your previous life affecting your present one? Then, following the discussion you will be given the opportunity to experience your own Past Life!

Your Tutor and Guide for the workshop will be

Dave Goodfellow. MNSPH. LNCP. GHR.


Numbers are limited to a maximum of 10 to ensure a personal warm and friendly environment. Perhaps it is just for yourself and a few close friends? Numbers of course are limited by the size of the venue of your choice. 

For your own comfort whilst working it is advisable to bring a yoga mat or something similar to lie on and a rug and cushion. You will also need a notepad and pen, an open mind and be prepared to enjoy yourself with a group of like-minded people.

Please do not hesitate to call me for an informal chat to see what we can arrange.

NB. Unfortunately, the workshop is not suitable for epileptics or people with serious psychological or mental disorders.

Read some examples of past lives here:

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