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STRESS. Can present itself in various forms, from backache to disrupted sleep, to aches and pains and skin disorder. Learn more

EATING DISORDERS. Weight loss/gain can cause lack of confidence, which leads to low self-esteem, which leads to eating disorders. It’s a vicious circle.

Smoking Kills Families SMOKING. Stop this expensive way of making yourself seriously ill and jeopardizing the lives of those who care for you. Learn More

PHOBIAS. Travel, fear of the dark, crowds, heights, water, spiders, the dentist and many more irrational fears. Learn More

LOW SELF ESTEEM. Feelings of inferiority, lack of self worth and lack of confidence.

IRRATIONAL PRE- EXAM NERVES. Anything, from academic studies to driving test.

EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS. Grief guilt and a whole range of personal problems. Far too many people have a problem from which they suffer in silence. They feel that if they tell anyone they will be laughed at,or told they are imagining it or just forget it and it will go away. However, to the sufferer the problem is very real.

My advice is

Whatever your problem, you won’t know what help is available until you ask!

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