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But I do want to Quit?

You can wear nicotine patches or chew nicotine gum, spray things up your nose, attend 99% guaranteed seminars, see an acupuncturist, or you can smoke your cigarettes through a special holder and filter. I could continue with a long list of alternative remedies and the people willing to treat you with them - some are effective and some useless. In my opinion hypnosis is probably the quickest, easiest and most effective way to quit the habit and has a high success rate BUT YOU MUST WANT TO QUIT!

The deal is if you truly want to stop smoking then hypnosis can and will help you, but you have to want to! Your smoking may kill you or make you permanently disabled and that's a tragedy for your family or those who will have to nurse you for the rest of your days, yet unless you want to stop then it won't work for you and a reputable therapist won't put their career on the line because you need another tried and failed excuse.

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Hypnosis has the highest success rate when it comes to stopping smoking!

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As explained hypnosis works on what you WANT for yourself and if you genuinely want to stop smoking then there is no doubt you will stop and it will be almost effortless.

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The best way to explain the role of hypnosis and your responsibility is through this dieting example:  Just because you buy diet foods doesn't necessarily mean that you will lose weight.  I once knew someone who tried it and didn't follow the directions.  She had food substitutes for snacks, still ate full meals, and didn't exercise.  She ended up gaining weight and telling everyone that she tried and it didn't work for her.  Truthfully, she failed the diet program...it did not fail her. If this sounds like your level of dedication to following instructions, then don't expect optimum results from hypnosis.

Some therapists will offer you a lifetime guarantee . With these 'sound' guarantees you don't see your money again you just keep seeing the therapist again and again until you get fed up.

These therapists typically claim success rates of 95% - rates which, if they were actually being achieved, with fees up to £350 would mean they could well afford to give a fair money back guarantee. They won't they will insist you have extra 'free' treatments's till you stress out and give up.

If you truly want to stop smoking then a one to one consultation with a reputable therapist will work for you.

Fact File
Hypnotherapy vs

Hypnosis isn't a drug related Cure
so doesn't contain nicotine or any other lethal or toxic substance

Only requires a genuine wish to stop smoking.

Therapy is tailored to the individual person not one size fits all.

Is not limited by;
High blood pressure,
Irregular heart beat,

Wont pre-programme you to fail.

It might prove to be seriously easy to stop!

But if you are attending your GP for any reason then it is advisable to tell them.

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- Patches
- Gum
- Nasal Spray
- Inhalator
- Microtab

Company website

ALL Contain nicotine.
ALL Require willpower.

Advice to GP's and Health Professionals.
Reassure them (?)that if at first they don't succeed they can try again with tradename at a later date. Most successful long-term ex-smokers had to try to stop several times.

Always read the label.
OK, read the label -

If you are still at the stage you need convincing click here..........

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