Past Life Regression

The brother of this lady died in a big old chimney. However, her story gets a bit vague towards the end.

Q. What are you wearing on your feet?
They are dirty. I'm hiding. Got to stay hidden from my uncle, he's a bad man.
Q. Your age?
7. I'm hiding within the chimney with Sam.
Q. Who is Sam?
My brother.
Q. Sam's age?
4. He's got a tooth missing.
Q. Your name?
Don't know.
Q. Why are you hiding?
He’s not nice. If Sam and I hide, he won't find us and we'll be ok. He thinks I'm bad and I'm not bad. Sam's dead. I can't get out.
Q. Whose house?
My mother works here.

I'm in a garden eating apples, a bit green, but you mustn't waste it.

Where did you live in your past lives?Blowing Bubbles
Luigi Bechi

Q. Whose garden?
Don't know his name. I've got a brother and a swing.
Q. What does your mother do?
Vegetables, got a funny hat, frilly. I can see a yellow butterfly.
Q. When did you last see your dad?
Can't remember, he drives a cart, don't like him because he whips the horse.

Q. Describe the house?
Go down a path, not so good, like a hut. I don't like it because it's dark and smells. I've got a box. I'm 7 and Sam is 5.
Q. Your name?
Q. What does Sam call you?

Q. What does your mum call you?
Q. How often do you see your father?
Not often. That's good, never liked him.
Q. How do you spend your day?
On the swing and think. Mum says thinking is dangerous. Mum spends her day peeling vegetables. Doesn't wash her hands much. I play in the garden, nice flowers in the woods. Not allowed near the nice flowers. There's another girl, Helen. She lives in the big house. I can't go there because I'm dirty. I could look at pictures in books, learn to read, but they won't let me. I've got a box. I can fit in the box. We've got a fireplace. We cook in a pot on a stiff string. She's got a spoon and makes soup. Puts dead things in it.
Q. Where is the nearest town?
Don't know. There is a farmer over the way.
Q. What is your first meal?
Apple and carrots.
Q. Next meal?
Soup when it's getting dark.
Q. What is the name of the people in the big house?
Whalley. Mum tells me what I can and can't eat. Some wood burns, some is green. Fish, can catch fish. The land - different grass, bluebells come in April.

Q. What clothes do you wear?
Q. Where do your clothes come from?
Mum brings them. Wear them till they fall off.
Q. What are mum's coins called?
Pennies and halfpennies, little silly things, they are lumpy. Dad takes them. He sometimes works for the big house or anyone who will have him. My brother is not simple, just shy.
Who were your brothers and sisters?
Feeding Time
Lejeune, Eugene Joseph
1818 - 1897
Q. Any friends?
Mary and her kids, Tom. Loads of ploughed fields. We pinch potatoes.
Q. Who rules the country?
King George.
Q. How do you light a fire?
Matches sometimes or just with sticks. We have chickens but they only lay little eggs. Lumpy grass. Terrible stuff.

A silver box has been stolen by dad. Sam dies in the chimney.

Q. Anyone from that lifetime that you know in this one?
Sam is Andrew. Mum is mum. Dad is dad. John was Peter (a little boy).
Q. What did you aim to achieve?
Q. What did you achieve?
Compassion. Saw was my first angel. With an angel pulling, got to go upstairs.
Q. Any previous lifetimes?
Not sure, ?.
Fig tree, warm, a nice place.
Q. Who else is there?
Bad sod (?!). My guide.
Q. Do you have a name for me?
Nolo. Find God. Name was a flower (?) Is my name Nolo? Soul name perhaps?


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