Past Life Regression


Were you a boy or a girl in previous lives?
A New Friend
Sophie Anderson

I feel like I’m a little girl.
Q. What’s your name?
Q. When did you last see your mum?
Don’t know.
Q. Dad?
Don’t know.
Q. Where are they?
Don’t know.
Q. What can you see to your front?
End of a field.
Q. Anything else?
Q. Anyone else there with you?

Q. Why are you there?
Don’t know.
Q. What can you see behind you in the field?
Can’t see anything.
Q. Name of nearest town?
Q. Who lives there?
Mrs. Deacon. Q. What does she do?
Q. Who for?
Always sweeping.
Q. Where?
Stone floor.
Q. Where?
In a building.
Q. What’s the building?
Don’t know.
Q. Is she a relation?
Q. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Q. Friends?
Mrs. Deacon.
Q. Your age?
Q. Where do you sleep?
In hay.
Q. Where is the hay?
Round the back.
Q. How do you spend your day?
Pick apples, skip.
Q. Who owns the apples that you pick and the place where you sleep?
Don’t know.
Q. Who feeds you?
Mrs. Deacon.
Q. Where does Mrs. Deacon sleep?
In a bed.
Q. Where is her bed?
Don’t know.
Q. What would you eat for breakfast?
Q. Anything else?
Q. Where would you eat this?
Mrs. Deacons in her house.
Q. Does anyone else live with Mrs. Deacon?
Q. Does anyone live near Mrs. Deacon?
Don’t know. Cant see anyone.
Q. What year is it?
Don’t know.
Q. Who is on the throne?
King or Queen?
Q. Don’t know.

Next significant event.

Q. Are you inside or out?
In. I’ve got a shoe.
Q. Where are you?
Near a cradle.
Q. Anyone else there?
Q. Anyone in the cradle?
Q. Who’s baby?
Mine. A girl.
Q. ow old is the baby?
Days old.
Q. Where do you live?
In the house.
Were you rich or poor?
Helping Mum
De Hoog, Bernard

Q. Whose house?
Q. Where is your father?
Don’t know.
Q. When did you move into the house?
Always been there.
Q. Who else lives there?
Q. Mums name?
Q. Father live there?
Q. Father alive?
Don’t know.
Q. When did you last see him?
Don’t know.
Q. How does your Mum spend her day?
Q. What?
Q. Who with?
Q. Do you have any neighbors?
Q. Name of next nearest town?
Don’t know.
Q. Who do you see during the day apart from Mum?
Q. Where does Mum get money to buy food?
Q. Does your mum have friends?
Nobody comes.
Q. Who does she sell firewood to?
Takes it to gates.
Q. What happens then?
Exchange it
Q. For what?
Food. eggs flour.
Q. What do you do when she is taking wood?
Go with her.
Q. What do you cook on?
Q. Where is the fire?
On the wall.
Q. Describe the fire and surround.
The wall, stones hot.
Q. What do you cook the food in?
A pot.
Q. What does it look like?
Big black, hanging.
Q. What else is in the room?
Cradle, bed, chair.
Q. What is the roof made of?
Q. Any windows?
1, wood.
Q. Baby’s name?
Q. How old is the baby?
Don’t know.
Q. How old are you, about?

Next significant event?

Q. Where are you?
It’s all black. Inside.
Q. Anyone else there?
Q. Why are you there?
Don’t know.
Q. Age?
Q. How long have you been in the black room?
Seems like ages.
Q. Who put you in the black room?
Q. Why?
Don’t know.
Q. Who comes in first?
Nobody, the light.
Q. Is it a room that you know?
Yes , has a window its my room.
Q. What’s in the room?
Fires not burning, cradle chair.
Q. Where is the baby?
Bairn is not in the cradle, she must be with Mum.

Did you have secrets that you still hold?
John Waterhouse
Q. What do you do next?
Sit on stone, watching for mum.
Q. Does she come home?
Q. What do you do next?
Just wait.
What do you see next?

Q. Name, what do you call her?
Just Mrs.
Q. Where is Mrs. Deacon?
By fire.
Q. Whose house is she in?
My house.
Q. Who lives there?
Me and Mrs. Deacon.
Q. Did you find out what happened to the baby and your Mum?
Q. How do you spend your day?
Picking apples.
Q. How does Mrs. Deacon spend her day?
Q. Where does your food come from?
Mrs. Deacon.
Q. Do you know where she gets it from?

Forward about 1 year to a significant event.
It’s hot.

Q. Where are you?
Q. What makes you so hot?
Q. Are you alone?
Mrs. Deacon is cuddling me. Cuddling me, so hot.
Q. Could you go outside?
No, I’m tied.
Q. Who tied you?
Don’t know.
Q. What are you tied with?
Q. Where is the fire?
All over.
Q. Who started the fire?
A man.
Q. Is Mrs. Deacon tied?
To me.
Q. Have you seen this man before?
Q. Did he say why he started the fire?
He was shouting, we were crying he was just shouting.
Q. What was he shouting?
Whore, we were crying, getting hotter.
Q. Was he shouting at one of you more than the other?
Q. Who most?
Mrs. Deacon.
Q. Why do you think he did it?
He was mad.

1 minute before death.

Q. What was achieved in this lifetime?
Q. What lessons were learned?
Just to thank Mrs. Deacon.
Q. Do you know Mrs. Deacon in this lifetime?
Q. Know anyone else?
Don’t think so. No.


Do you know who you really are?
Joanna Boyce
Bird of God

Through death.

Q. What can you see?
Black with bright twinkling flashes.
Q. Is there anyone there?
No, its like a fireworks display.
Q. Can you sense anyone there?
Feels friendly warm happy, safe.


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