Past Life Regression

This is a Past Life giving several details which can be verified by the client if he so wishes to do so.

Do you dream of events from long ago?
Augusto Volpini

Q. What are you wearing on your feet?
Don’t know
Q. Body?
Don’t know
Q. See to front?
Q. See behind?
Q. Indoors?
Q. What can you see in the room?
A range, fire’s lit, kettle is on
Q. Anyone else in the room?
Q. Who?

A woman

Q. Who?
Agatha, she works there.Q. What is the place?
Q. Do you live there?
Q. Age?

Child, 8?
Q. Name?
Richard Marston
Q. Father?
Don’t know
Q. Last see father?
This morning
Q. Mother alive?
Yes, Jenny, (father Richard)
Q. What is the name of the nearest town?
Don’t know.
Q. What can you see outside?
Vegetable garden, can smell honeysuckle, frames with peas on left, nets to stop birds getting at them. Agatha gets cross when birds get them.
Q. Anyone else work there?
Yes lots of people.
Q. Father own house?
Q. Own bedroom?
Q. Describe it?
4 poster bed to big for me its lumpy, when I’m in it I can’t move and it gets cold. Curtains drawn, shadow of tree frightens me. Toys, jack-in-a-box, favourite, model farm set.
Q. Anyone look after you other than mother?
Q. Do you go to school?
Yes, Bolling Brook.
Q. Big School?
Q. Teacher’s name?
Mr Edwards
Q. What does he teach?
Q. Special friends?
Q. Where does he live?
In village.
Q. Year?
Q. Who rules the country?
Queen Victoria and Albert
Q. Brothers and Sisters?
A sister, Julia
Q. Age?
1. Had a sister before that but she died. Margaret.
Q. How old was she when she died?
Less than 1, tiny poorly. Mother crying a lot, not my fault.
Q. What do you have for Breakfast?
Porridge, kippers, but I don’t like kippers but I’ve got to eat them. I don’t like the bones, and tea.
Q. Next meal?
Q. Where would you have that?
At school in the hall.
Q. What would you get?
Toad in the hole and cabbage.
Q. Next?
Tea, jam bread, Tea
Q. Another meal later?
Don’t think so
Q. Do you know your address?
Q. County?
Q. Town?
Q. Street?
Cartwright Avenue


Q. Where are you now?
In office
Q. Age
Q. What do you do in office?
Office Junior
Q. What sort of office?
Q. Father and Mother alive?
Yes, father in office at desk
Q. What's happening?
I’m finding ledgers for him, Big books columns doing addition.
Q. Work there all the time?
Yes, noisy
Q. Enjoy it?
Yes glad in office not on floor, too noisy, people go deaf, have to shout.
Q. Is it father’s business?
He’s manager, works for Joshia Ashcroft. It’s a wool mill, worstered cloth
Q. Year?
Q. Name of road where mill is?
Don’t know


A marriage from a previous life?
The Village Wedding
Sir Luke Fildes
Q. Where are you?
Getting dressed, get married today?
Q. Date?
February 16 1867
Q. Brides name?
Sarah Williamson
Q. Her family?
Father, solicitor.
Q. Her address?
42 Ainsberry Walk, Halifax
Q. How old is Sarah?

18, same as me

Q. Wedding?
St James Church, Bradford
Q. Guests?

Mother, Father, Her mother, father, friends, my sister, (she is only child), people from mill, lots of people there.
Q. After Church Service?
Reception at our house.
Q. After Reception?
Wedding night
Q. Where?
In a room at our house
Q. Where do you live?
With my parents, were saving up for a house.
Q. How does Sarah spend her day?
Never asked her, takes tea, embroidery women’s things.
Q. Your job now?
Still in mill, father’s assistant, solving problems, listen to workers. Any problems they come to me, try and help them, they don’t get paid enough. Not fair, they work harder than us in the office, in bad conditions. Father tells me they get a living wage, said try and live on what they live on, he said don’t be impudent. Told Sarah, she agrees with me.
Q. Is the country at peace?
Think so
Q. How old Father? 60s


Q. Where are you?
With Sarah
Q. Where?
In bedroom, given birth to stillborn child.
Q. What is Sarah’s state of health?
Beside herself with grief
Q. Boy or Girl?
Q. How do you feel?
Too sad
Q. Who else is there?
Midwife. She’s going now, just Sarah and I, both sobbing
Q. Age?
Q. Where do you live?
In our house
Q. Where’s that?
22 Greenfields Road, Bradford
Q. Your parents alive?
Father died last year
Q. What’s your job?
Still in office, doing what father did.
Q. Are you factory manager?
Q. Is the factory doing well?
Yes orders coming in from everywhere. Big one from Australia


Q. Where are you?
In the yard of the Mill, fire in one of the sheds, panic its on fire got to get the people out. Its all on fire now, people milling about, everyone out of building, whole place has gone up. Everyone stunned, heat, stand back.
Q. What happens now?
No mill, gone.
Q. Anyone die?
Q. Next Day?
See if there is anything to salvage, poking through embers, nothing, machines destroyed.
Q. Name of machines?
Looms, spinning Jenny, the Mule, Fulling sheds??
Q. What age are the youngest employees?
12 – 13


Q. Where are you?
Don’t know – indoors
Q. Age?
Don’t know
Q. Last memory?
I’m in bed at home
Q. Age?
Q. Health?
Not good, don’t want to get out of bed.
Q. Still at Greenfields Road?
Q. Sarah still with you?
Q. Have a job?
No nothing
Q. Where do you get money from?
Sarah’s parents.

Who was your lost love?Yes
John Everett Millais

Q. Why don’t you want to get out of bed?
Since mill burnt down should have done something. Everyone says don’t blame yourself, too late don’t want to go on living.
Q. Any kids?

Q. Sarah’s health?
She’s strong
Q. Do you feel you are going to die?
Q. Want to?

Q. Look back over that life, achieve everything you wanted?
Wanted better conditions for workers, no one listened no one cared. If someone listened could have done something. No one listened. Just one voice
Q. Do you believe in a Higher Power?
Q. Lessons learned?
Life is short, make the best of it, do what you can to help other people. Listen to people.
Q. Are you aware of other lifetimes before/since?
Q. Anyone in that lifetime you know in this one?

3 minutes before death

Q. Who’s there?
No one
Q. Where are you?
In the asylum.
Q. Been there long?
Q. How were you treated?
With kindness
Q. Why moved to asylum?
Couldn’t face life after mill, nothing no children.
Q. Aware you are about to die?
Q. Do you fear it?

Pass through death

Q. What are you aware of?
Heat warmth, everything like a peach colour, pinky beige, light muted in like a dome.
Q. Anyone else there?
No on my own, I like it.
Q. Do you see your body, go to funeral?
Q. Next?
Q. Aware of any message?


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