Past Life Regression

The Welsh Woman .

This Lady has absolutely no interest in history she came to see me because her little daughter, still a toddler, relates stories of a previous life.

Q. What are you wearing on your body?
Something scratchy, rough, not soft. Can feel the grass between my toes. I'm in a field. Brook at the bottom, trees on the right. Hair is long, it’s dirty, needs brushing. I can see flowers - daisies, buttercups.

Can you remember a previous childhood?
Peek-a Boo
Sophie Anderson 1823 - 1903

Q. What is your age?
6-7, only little.
Are you alone?
I’m on my own but not lonely, happy to be alone.
Why are you there?
Just playing.
When did you last see your mother?
This morning.
Your father?
Outside the forge.
What was he doing at the forge?
Making a sword.
Does he do that all the time?
Where do you live?
In the cottage next to the forge.

Q. Any brothers or sisters?
Yes, John is a big boy. Joan is a baby.
How does your mother spend her day?
Weeding, cleaning, cooking, baking bread.
Describe your house?
Small, not big, doorway, one small window, long hearth, pot over it.
Any other rooms?
Q. Where do you sleep?
In the corner.
Q. Where does everyone else sleep?
On the floor.
Q. How do you spend your day?
Chasing sheep, looking for eggs, helping mum.
Q. What is your first food of the day?
Bread. When? When the cockerel crows.
Q. Drink?
Q. When would you have your next food?
In the evening.
Q. What do you eat?
Vegetables, rabbit, cheese if any left.
Q. What do you cook the rabbit in or on?
A pot. Sometimes on a stick over the fire.
Q. Where is the forge?
It’s by a river.
Q.Is there a village nearby?
A castle.

Q. Who lives in the castle?
The English.
Q. Are you English?
No, Welsh.
Q. What is the name of the castle?
Just a castle.
Q. What is the name of your nearest community?
Don’t know. Don't go often. Went to the market. I didn't like it.
Q. Who do you go with?
Mum and dad. Mum sells cheese. Dad drinks. He goes to look for work.
Q. What does he do with the things he makes at the forge?
They are for the men on horses.

Where do they come from?
The hills, they are Welsh.
A brave Knight lost in battle?
La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Henry Maynell Rheam

Q. Do they pay him?
Yes, he has a bag with coins. He digs a hole and thinks we don't know, under the straw in the corner.
Q. Is he busy at the forge?
Q. Do you receive any form of education?
Grandma tells me stories.
Q. What about?
Knights, dragons, the old people.
Q. Do you like the old people?
Oh yes!

Go forward to the next significant event.
Men are coming back from the battle.

Q. What is your age now?
I’m married. Trying to find him, can't find him.
Q. Are you still living by the forge?
No, living in the castle.

Back to marriage

Q. What is happening?
Everyone is there, my family, his family. Flowers, little white chapel.
Q. Name of the church?
Q. Your name?
Bron ap Gurffydd.
Q. Husband?
Daffyd ap Griffiths.
Q. His age? 19. Q. Your age? 17.
Q. What does he do?
Fights the English.
Q. Where did you meet him?
At the castle, he was drinking.
Q.What were you doing at the castle?
Working as a maid.
Q. Was it still run by the English?
Q. When did the English move out?
In the winter. There was a battle, the castle got burned.
Q. Who runs the castle now?
The lord, Llewellyn.
Q. Who did the castle belong to originally?
It was an English castle, he ran them out.
Q. Name of the castle?

Back to the men coming home
Women are looking for the men. I can't find him. Horsemen are coming, say we have to go,

Q. Who are the horsemen?
Welshmen, must go now, the English are coming. Everyone is running.
Q. Do you take anything with you?

It’s cold, snow.

Do you get images of times past?
Abbey in the Oakwood
Caspar David Friedrich

Q. Are you alone?
With Daffyd. Brother John and others who I don't know.
Q. What are you doing?
We are walking, going North.
Q. To where?
Tinton, to the monks, a monastery. The brothers will help.

Q. How many of you?
Not many, a dozen maybe.
Q. Is that all who came back from the battle?
No, we got left behind.
Q. What happened to the others?
They went another way.

The brothers are feeding us, mutton.

Q. Did you all make it from the little group?
A baby died.
Q. Do you feel safe in the monastery?
Q. Would the English attack the monastery?

Heading North.

Q. Where are you trying to get to?
Through the mountains to Aberconway.
Q. Why there?
Llewellyn is there.
Q. What do you eat?
Brothers gave us some food. We have bread.
Q. What is the weather like?
Cold, windy.
Q. Do you feel safe?
The English don't know the mountains.
Q. Is there any shelter?
Only our cloaks.
Q. How do you know where to go?
Daffyd knows where we are going.

The English are camped by the river, we have to hide, can't get past them. We can't get over the river. We have to walk through it, hang on to the horses.

Burning Conway Abbey. We went back up the valley. I'm standing on the sand. There's nothing left. We are all there, coming towards it. English knights came after us, men fought, women ran. Cutting everyone down, blood on the sand. I'm kneeling, blood on the sand everywhere. Night time.

Q. Is anyone alive?
Don't know.
Q. Feel any injuries?
No, just dark.
Q. Are you aware of any injuries?
My shoulder.

Q. Looking back over that lifetime, do you know anyone in that lifetime who you know in this present lifetime as Claire? Daffyd. Who is he now?
Q. What was the purpose of that lifetime?
Beat the English.
Q. What lessons have you learned?
Be proud of who we are.
Q. Are you aware of any lifetimes before that one?
Q. Q. Since then?
Q. What year is it? (on the beach).
Edward was king of England for a while. A welsh prince, the son Llewellyn.
Q. Anything in that lifetime that influenced this one?
Be sure of who we are.
Q. Were you aware of choosing your parents?
Q. In that lifetime, do you believe in a higher power?
Q. In your other lifetimes, were you at any time a man?

Three Minutes before Death
An Englishman standing over me, thinks I'm dead. He kicks me. He's laughing, a Welsh woman fighting. Says we fight better than the men.

One minute before death.
I am alone.

Q. Are you aware you are going to die?
Q. How do you feel about that?
I don't want to die, I’m not ready.
What did go before in your past lives?
Witold Pruszkowski 1892

Go through the death experience.

Q. What are you aware of?
The dark.
Q. Are you aware of anyone or anything there?
My brother.
Q. How do you feel?
Warm, peaceful.



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