Past Life Regression

PAST LIFE REGRESSION (Female aged 40)..

Q. What are you wearing on your feet?
Soft brown tied round ankles.
Q. What else?
Long brown skirt goes up front and shirt with brown cloak hood pulled up pouch hanging from waist.
Q. What’ s in the pouch?
Shouldn’t really tell you...a little bottle herbs my little bottle.

This may have been you in a past life
God Speed
Edmund Blair Leighton

Q. What’s your name?
Agatha Caldwell.
Q. Where are you?
On a path... road really...too misty. Fog coming in.
Q. How old are you?
Older than 15 older than 20?
Q. What year is it?
Q. Do you have a job?
No. Q. What do you do?
If I tell...I can make warts go away and I can make them sick. I can do all sorts of things. I can make it rain. I can make a love potion, give you a little packet to carry round.
Q. Does anyone live with you?
Live alone.
Q. Describe where you live.
Not very big just a little place little cottage.
Q. Nearest town?
Q. Where is your cottage? ...
Q. Father alive?
No never knew him.
Q. Mother alive?
Q. Remember her?
Q Mothers name?
Q. When did she die?
Took her 12 months ago.
Q. Who took her?
Them from down village.
Q. Which village?
Q. Is that where you used to live?
Q. Do you live there now?

A Visit to the Witch
A Visit to the Witch
Edward Frederick Brewtnall

Q. Why did they take her?
Cos they didn’t like what she did. She only made people feel better.
Q. Is that what you do?
Q. Any brothers or sisters? Brother dead. Took sick.
Q. Who looks after you?
No one.
Q. Any close friends?

Q. What do you do with your day?
I goes out in the morning ...gets herbs flowers I goes and sees the animals and I chops up my herbs.... I goes down to stream gets water...I sit by fire with cat...I likes my cat.

Q. Any children?
Q. Do you believe in a higher power?
I sees him don’t I?
Q. Who do you see?
I see him when I go out in the woods.... and I see the lady.
Q. Do you have a name for them?
Just call her the lady...sometimes other names...sometimes she’s the Goddess to me...sometimes I call her Hecate.
Q. Did your mother show you the lady?
Yes and Grandmother.
Q. Is Gran alive?
Q. Are you happy?
Sometimes I am and sometimes I am frightened.
Q. What are you frightened of?
They will come and get me.

Scan forward in time 5-10 years...tell me of any outstanding events.

I tried to hide. They're hurting me...pulling me along...killed my no shoes on...stones is hurting my feet...pulling my hair. I like that tree. I don’t want them to do this. All shouting at me. I curse you...I curse you all.

Go forward 1 day, where are you?
It’s all dark.

Q. Are you alive or dead?
Just floating.

Go back 5 minutes before death.
They are hanging me.

Q. What year is it?
Q. Are you alone or are they hanging other people?
Old Betsy poor old Betsy poor Old Betsy.

Go to 1 minute before death.
I knew they would come for me.

Q. Who was the leader of who came to get you?
New man, Daniel Reed...he’s a bad man. I’ve helped some of them others.
Q. Did you accomplish what you wanted to in this life?
Could have been stronger. Always had the power...could have had more power.

Go 1 or 2 minutes through the death experience.
Can’t see trees no more cant feel wind. I knew they’d come for me.

Q. Do you know anyone from that lifetime who is in this one?
Knew my mum, she was my Grandmother. My daughter Mary.
Q. Who was she?

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