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It is becoming more and more accepted now that most of us have experienced more than one life on earth. Respected T.V. programmes have made studies and recorded cases of people whilst under hypnosis remembering previous lives, and in some cases recalling names, places and events which they would never have known through their normal life experiences.


Under hypnosis many people can remember one or more past life experiences. Recalling past life experiences can often help with problems of today.
Night with her Train of Stars - Edward Robert Hughes
Night with her Train of Stars
Edward Robert Hughes

There is the case of the young lady who achieved various awards for swimming whilst at school but was too terrified to go near the sea. Under hypnosis it was discovered that in a previous life, at age 5 in 1914, she had been rescued from a ship that sank in the Atlantic, both of her parents had drowned in the incident.

Once the incident had been identified and resolved, her fear of the sea was gone.

If you have flashbacks or memories that are unexplainable, if you visit somewhere for the first time but "know" you have "been here before", who knows, perhaps you are stirring a memory from a past life?!

We would all like to think that in a past life we were someone famous, but there was only one Florence Nightingale, only one William the Conqueror and only one Beethoven. However, there have been thousands of other nurses soldiers and musicians and they all have their story to tell, just perhaps, one of their stories, is your story?

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