Past Life Regression

Lives that were lived before......

Examples of past life regressions using hypnosis.

Past lives can be fascinating. Some are short and uneventful. Others are long, the person recalling various places, events and information that can be verified. Sometimes someone can experience a past life where we have no way of checking because the person lived in a foreign country or they lived in an age before any sort of formal records were kept

These are word for word translations taken during the past life regressions. Only the names have been changed to protect the privacy of the persons involved.

1. The Witches Daughter
A life of poverty, superstition and persecution has a strange twist that came through to present life.

2. From Humble Beginnings
A street Urchin whose fight for survival led to deportation to Australia from where he escaped.

3. The Welsh Woman
This is the story of a woman who has never taken any interest in History. She came to see me because her little daughter, a toddler, relates stories of a previous life

4. The Mill Clerk.
This is a Past Life giving intricate details of names, places at a time in history that could be easily verified.

5. Murder Most Foul
This is the sad story of a little girl whose mother abandoned her. She and her friend met a terrible end.

6. My Brother Sam died in the chimney.
The brother of this lady died in a big old chimney. However, her story gets a bit vague towards the end.

7. A Victim of the Titanic - What do you think? Could this lady have been on the “Titanic”? She couldn't remember the name of the ship. Very detailed story.

Do you want to know who you were in the past?
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