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In contrast to common misbelieve there is nothing weird or mysterious about the hypnotic state. It is a totally natural state, which can be most closely likened to daydreaming or the period just before going to sleep.
Hypnosis is an inward focusing of attention through which the demands of the outside world are switched off. It is a state of deep relaxation during which the critical analytical mind shuts off making the unconscious mind more accessible.
During hypnosis you are not asleep and nothing can happen without your consent. You can hear everything being said and afterwards will usually remember all that has happened while in hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a useful supplement to orthodox medicine and can achieve considerable success in its own right.

Advantages of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is one of the safest, quickest and most effective forms of treatment for the majority of psychological and emotional problems. Hypnotherapy fosters an attitude of independence and mastery in coping with problems and can also accelerate the healing process in many physiological problems.Positive aspects of hypnosis include the production of a much more profound level of relaxation with a concomitant reduction in stress levels.Doctors are becoming increasingly supportive of hypnotherapy as an aid to better health. It is a non-invasive therapy, complementary to orthodox medicine. Vicki Watson, RGN FMNSPH MNCP MNCH{Acc} MUKCHO{Acc)

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