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Too far away to attend an appointment or workshop with Dave?

You could still benefit at home from one of his amazing cds.

We are delighted to offer for sale this high-quality range of self-help hypnotherapy cds. Each cd is professionally recorded and incorporates gentle natural sounds as the backdrop to Dave's powerful yet relaxing voice.

These messages have been specifically geared to give you the greatest benefit from regular home use.

  Each CD is priced at £12.00 inclusive of postage and package.

Choose from:

Total Relaxation

By boosting your confidence this tactfully sculptured cd used regularly, will be a major tool in offering you total relaxation, leaving you stress free and enabling you to enjoy a peaceful nights sleep.

 £12.00 inc: p&p

Weight Loss

Weight getting you down? Leaving you feeling depressed? Let's guess, you eat because you are 'feeling down and depressed' then put weight on because you eat, right? It's a vicious circle, but with regular use of this unique self help cd, you can break the barrier, that circle, and gain control of your eating, your habits and your life.

   £12.00 inc: p&p

Smoking Cessation

This powerful CD will help you in your quest to become a non smoker. Isn't it time you gave up? Everyone else is!

   £12.00 inc: p&p
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